Monday, July 13, 2009

Movie Time - Ice Age 3

Last Friday I promised my son that we will watch a movie on Saturday. I told him that we’ll gonna watch Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs for he likes it so much. He was then so excited, he keeps on telling his tita lalang (aunt lalang) my sister that we’re going to watch a movie. It is then his first time to go to a movie house to watch a movie. His three years old but have not yet set foot on a movie house ever. :))

Come Saturday and his excitement did not fade away because when he woke up he then told me that his going to take a bath for were gonna watch Ice Age. Unfortunately by lunch time heavy rains pours so hard. But then he can’t wait anymore for the rain to stop so he keeps begging me to go even its raining. So then we go, we went to SM movie house. I thought at first he will be scared of the dark or the place itself but his not. When the movie starts he was so engrossed with it. He enjoyed it so much, his even so noisy as if his one of the characters, for each times a dinosaur chase the characters he will then shout run elephant run…hehehe I guess he got carried away by the movie. We watched the movie two times because he wants to repeat it over and over again and he doesn’t wanna go home yet. :))

Picture taking after watching the movie :)

jonjon :)

me and my son

@ pizza hut

eating ice cream @ pizza hut

jonjon & tita lalang busy eating


Tetcha said...

Buti naman he enjoyed the movie. We made Justin watch a movie before he turned three, but he did not last 30 minutes inside the movie house. Now that's he's three, baka he'll enjoy watching na rin just like Jon-Jon enjoyed Ice Age 3.

Phebie said...

nalingaw ko sa iyang eyes mem..naawat jud nya ang eyes sa dino...hahhahah

Enchie said...

It was a nice movie. I enjoyed watching it with my family over the weekend!

The Castro-Maulit Family said...

ang cute na anak mo elaine. kamukha mo.