Friday, July 24, 2009

Mommy Moments: First Steps

mommy moments

Mommy Moments Time . . .
Today's theme is First Steps

My son learns to walk very early. As I recall he was 7 months old when he started to try walking around the house. He would just hold the wall to regain his balance while wandering around our living room. We bought him a walker but the walker was then used only for a month. By 9 months my son can walk slowly without any assistance from us. When he reaches his 1st birthday he can really walk and run. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture with him walking using his walker. But I do have a video of him walking around our living room the day after his 1st birthday instead. :))

Here's his video :))


These pictures were taken at the mall
while my son is practicing
his walking skills :)
He was 7 month old then. . .

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Happy Mommy Moments!!!


chubskulit said...

he so cute sis! mine is up now too!

nuts said...

in the first photo, he seems to be so serious in learning his walking skill..
happy mommy moment..

Chris said...

time passes by so fast, doesnt it?!

thanks for sharing your pics with us!

genejosh said...

ang galing! we also try his walking skill at 7 excited na kami to see his first step...

Mine's here: Hyzyd's "Firsts"

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ღ pinaymama ღ said...

yay! walking time!

mine is up too!

Phoebe said...

wow, galing naman ni baby, at 7months he started walking na! mine is around 9 months's my entry mommy laine:

Seiko said...

Ang aga din nyang natutong maglakad no.Ang bilis talaga ng panahon,kahapon lang kalong kalong natin sila,ngayon hinahabol na natin sila.Happy Sunday Mommy Laine:)

Tetcha said...

Ang galing naman, your son started walking early.

Enchie said...

Thanks for sharing Laine, it was fun and adorable to see your little one's first steps.