Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Activated!!!

I've been so busy for these past few days in the office thats why I'm not so active from the blogosphere. I didn't make any updates and publish any new post and was not able to blog walk, hop and visit all my friends’ blogs. In fact I have so many pending posts to be published. So what I did is I just wrote it down in my journal instead because as you all know I can only blog at the office while taking advantage of our internet. lolz! Shhhh…. am still a poor blogger and still striving to be a wealthy blogger someday. lolz…:))

Well have to reactivate my blog once again or better yet Mr. G might get angry and will take back my…I guess you’ll all know what is. . .

Anyways, I dunno where to start . . . hmmm its better late than never though… so I’ll start last Friday, July 17’s activity…. :))

Digital Filipino Club & Cagayan de Oro Bloggers Meet-Ups

Last Friday July 17, Phebie and I attended the DigitalFilipino Club & Cagayan de Oro Bloggers Meet-Ups hosted by Syntactics at Philtown Hotel. One of their guest speakers that time was Janette Toral. We had fun that night the food was great but then it’s a minus point to us mommy phebie and I for we are 30 minutes late due to heavy rains. But then no regrets attending the said activity for we got the chance to met and know some of our fellow cdo bloggers and met in person the very well known Ms. Janette Toral. By the way this is our first time to join cdo bloggers meet ups. In fact we’re a bit shy at first and thank heavens for mommy dharlz was there she then introduce us to some of her cdo blogger friends.

Anyways, below is our picture during the said activity.

(l-r) Phebie, Dharlz, Janette Toral & me :)

Another unpublished post of mine is entitled….

THANKS to Hot Momma Tammy

Last June I join a Slogan contest hosted but the two sexiest mommas here in the blogosphere Mommy Tammy and here sister Mommy Rosilie. And last Saturday on Tammy’s 30th bday she posted on her blog the lucky winners. Unfortunately I did not won any of the major prizes but got one of the freebies that Tammy promises to give away and an EC credits from of there contest sponsors.

Thanks Much Tam. I love your freebie….:)

Below is my entry and pictures of my freebie from tammy. By the way Mommy Phebie won the 1st prize.

Freebie from ME...Sent!
1000 EC ---- Lee Hsien Loong of Eastcostlife
1000 EC ---- Rare Jon Rez of My Written xPressions
1000 EC ---- Melody of Life Marriage and Kids
1000 EC ---- Melody of Mama's Sanity

my freebie :))


djtammy said...

Hi Laine...hehehe ..naga drop ko og Ec taz naka off ang mga images but when I read my name..nakita ko mga pics...lolz..

I met janet toral last saturday...she was here with us also...

Irene / Mindanaoan said...

The Digital Filipino event really was fun! =) I was there along with my brothers

jodi said...

so good luck and more power to you sis..and have a nice weekend..god bless you

venussmileygal said...

Welcome to CDO bloggers by the way! It was nice meeting you also! :-)

Anonymous said...

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