Monday, July 6, 2009

June Top Ten EC Droppers

I would like to thank the Top Ten Entrecard droppers for the month of JUNE.
Thank you so much for continuously visiting my site and taking time to drop on my EC. :))

Mom’s Place - 23

My Ark Full of Worry-Free Thoughts 3.0 - 22

Living with Purpose- 21

The Mommy Journey - 18

Pensive Thoughts - 18

Thoughts and Obsessions - 18

FickleMinded-A Life That Is Less Ordinary - 17

We live to tell God’s Amazing Grace - 15

Love’s Haven - 14

The Baby in Between - 14


Chris said...

i made it again!

payatot said...

may points ba yan mommy laine pag nag drop sa site mo? di ko kase alam yan...

Mys said...

sa wakas. i made it! it was my best decision to just write in one blog. hahaha.

Phebie said...

wow...included pala c okz dyaan...

Phoebe said...

ay nakasama din ako..hehe..sana next time ulit..kelangan magsipag magbloghop everyday..hehe..happy wednesday mommy! :)