Monday, July 13, 2009


I am sad for someone called me "masungit" cranky or irritable which is I’m not. I was just misinterpreted though. I neither was nor am I not masungit. In fact I’m loud and talkative and friendly. I am maybe masungit sometimes but for a reason like I’m too busy with work, I have so many things in mind or preoccupied, and whenever I don’t have money. lolz So know that person who calls me masungit ignores me already. It’s quite sad but then you cannot please everybody right? Well it’s not my lost I guess if that person keeps on ignoring me. Ooppss… do I sound masungit already? Sowee.. :))


marveling said...

hahaha okayt lang yan laine, i used to that kind of remark when i was still working in school.. yung mga pilyong students masungit tawag nila sakin hehehe..

chubskulit said...

baka nagagandahan masyado sayo at talbog sya sa byuti mo kaya hehehe

Phebie said...

mem do I know him/her? lolz....

Laine said...

hehehe...ewan ko ba bat ganun nasabi nya sa kin. can't remember talking to that person in a masungit way pa naman.

hahaha...baka nga siguro. lolz!

@Mommy Phebie
you know him/her jud mem. lain ayo xa mem. I hope iya ni mabasa ako post. :)