Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Well Organize Concert

I love to watched concerts and special events. And each time I would go to concerts and special events especially if the performer is a renowned artist it involves a large crowds. And this time I always observed that organizers put velvet rope to guide people were to form their lines. I appreciate such organizers who do that thing for their events are truly a well organized systematize one. In fact they also use stanchions and barricades near the stage so that viewers cannot come near to it. Indeed the concert has a very nice and well planned crowd control scheme.

And just this recently I’ve watched a concert in one of the malls here in our place and it was also a well organized one. The viewers were guided smoothly on were to form their lines so there’s no traffic and pushing occurred. And because of that we were able to get into our assigned seats and rows faster. Then after the concert we were also guided on our way out of the hall, so everything was really a smooth process.

Well, how I wish all event and concert organizers are that well organize and clever to use those entire crowd control devices too.

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