Friday, October 9, 2009

Mommy Moments - Special Trips

mommy moments

Come Friday. . . it's Mommy Moments time once again

indeed time flies so fast

and for today's theme is

Special Trips

In my 1st collage is our first ever special trip as a family to Manila to visit my son's
grandma(my mother-in law). It is special because it was my son's 1st time to ride a plane
and 1st time to meet his cousins on his father side.

In my second collage is our unplanned Malabang Special Trip
last Holy Week of this year.
It is special because it's my son's first time to ride a bus for almost 4 hrs.
And he really enjoyed the trip so much.

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Happy Mommy Moments!!!


Hazel said...

Being a first experience with family is a nice way to have special trips. Great trips you got!

Lalaine said...

wow!I'm sure your son must have enjoyed his first plane ride

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Clarissa said...

Sobrang excited siguro nya nung first ride nya ng plane!!Sobrang bait na bata!!Thanks for sharing your special trips to us!!^_^

Happy Mommy Moments!!^_^

Meikah said...

Cool photo collage! First plane rides are really special. :)

My MM entry is here.

SASSY MOM said...

Those are great memories for your kids... It's nice that you have kept a diary of his firsts. Im sure you both enjoyed the trip.

anne said...

all your pictures are great, it is nice that your son still had lola to clung to eh sa amin on my side wala na, I hope they would see their Lolo on their father side someday.

Chris said...

great collage! thanks for sharing them with us :D

darly said...

basta kasama ang family, special trip talaga!!

Happy MM, mine is up too.