Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Straight from the Heart

You’ve hurt me so badly
That it leads me to question myself WHY?
Yeah…I keep asking myself why?
My mind can’t grasp why I have to suffer a lot with you
What have I done wrong?
I’ve been with you through ups and down in life
Never did I leave you behind
Never did I betrayed you
But in exchange what I’ve got from you were all
Heartaches, betrayals and dishonesty. . .

Why? Who am I in your life?
What’s my role in your life?
What do you think of me?
Thinking of you? LOLZ!
Insensitive, numb, dull or with no feelings at all?
That each time you’ll stab me a million times
I won’t react or get hurt at all?

I thought that after all that has happened
You’ll transform into a BETTER PERSON
But you weren’t
Instead you made another mistake
How many times will you commit a mistake before you’ll transform into a better you?
Or maybe you will never change at all…

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For as long as there are monsters like that ugly bitch, men will never be able to transform and become better.. kasi ang mga babaeng mababa ang lipad ang humihila sa kanila pababa...

Note: When I say babaeng mababa ang lipad, I am not referring to prostitutes. Instead, I refer that to women who sleeps with a married man, a woman who is so low that she can't find a decent single guy to have a relationship with---