Friday, October 9, 2009

The Other Woman

She sneaks around when the main isn’t there
Taking what is not hers
Not worrying about the pain she causes
Being as selfish as selfish comes
But what can she do when her desire calls
For attention from the opposite sex
She pleases him while he quenches her thirst
She has now become the other woman

She has no heart and cares for only herself
Not realizing the damage this is causing her
Internally and externally, she is not herself
Portraying a mistress
Someone she never thought she would become
But she, truly is, the other woman

She walks around with her head held high
Assuming she is better than all women
Showing off her Assets through curve-hugging clothes
Turning heads everywhere she goes
Distracting our men for her own personal satisfaction
Just to look in the mirror at the end of the day with a smile
Because she’s the other woman

She goes home and sits in front of the mirror
Starring into the eyes of the heartless being
For she is . . . the so called OTHER WOMAN!

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Forgetful Princess said...

This is so true...maybe u can post this in her comment box sa FB and friendster...lolz