Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the answer to all my queries

After 5 months this was all I’ve noticed . . .

Seldom received text messages

Seldom receive MMS

Often received phone calls

Sometimes in hurry when conversing on the phone

No more sweet messages

No words of endearments (why is there any?)

Nor sweet words or thoughts

Lost of interest

Ask questions for the sake of asking

Don’t even know how to appreciate things

Talking as if not interested with you anymore

Hence the relationship has been lifeless already

Lifeless meaning dried up… no more intimacy . . . no more feelings

But after all there’s no effort of fixing things up but instead shove you more deeply into the mud

Why is that so… Is it because there’s someone new had come . . .?


chubskulit said...

I understand how you feel, everything happens for a reason laine.. Just have faith.. Hope you feel better soon!

payatot said...

minsan kasi ganyan ang buhay, kahit pilitin mo kung di naman talaga para sayo e napakahirap. kaya dapat maging matatag tayo anuman ang mga pagsubok na dumarating at darating pa.

Laine said...

@ payatot
wow ang heavy....napakalalim naman ng comment mo daddy totsky. thanks :)

thanks for the words of comfort. :)

bambie said...

i don't know the gist of your story but from reading your posts, i'm gathering bits and pieces enough to make this comment: when God closes a door, He opens a window of far greater and better opportunities and people. keep the faith and you'll make it through.