Saturday, October 10, 2009

just to catch her attention

just a follow up post on my post last october 9, entitled "what if"

Well, I would not really post the other woman’s picture, it was just a panggulat post because she keeps on visiting my blog. But then she’s still very much welcome to visit my blog, I don’t restrict and choose who could visit my blog. As what the other blogger would say that their blog is just a google away, same as mine. She’s even free to read and comment on my post. In fact I didn’t put her in shame for I did not mention her name in my post at all because I just don’t want to invade her privacy. Even if in their friendster testimonials their so vulgar on what they feel with each other, I can’t do anything about that already. And for me posting her picture here in my blog is like building her popularity more…sisikat lang lalo si gurl, right? Lolz!

So don’t be sad and don’t be blue for I’m not that bad as what you think I am. I don’t have a heart of stone and it's not my style or forte to put people in shame. And I only have one message for you, if and only if I’m in your shoes right now, what I will do is apologize to the one I hurt most or to the family I ruin. Given the situation that you or I did not know that the guy whom I love is a married man, I'll try my very best to contact his family and apologize and lower than my pride. Well, that's what I'll gonna do if I'm in your shoes, but then we we're brought up in a different way so I dunno about you (other woman). Maybe you're happy ruining other people's lives. I really dunno, these are just my opinion. :))

and to those who left a comment on my "What if" post...thanks for sharing your opinions too.

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