Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Reminiscing . . .

. . .if that third party never came along life is quite fine, but she came and everything has changed and it will never, never be the same again . . . it's all because of HER . . .

I Remember The Boy
-Joey Albert-

Today I heard them play the song again
An old familiar strain from way back when
Every note and every line
It`s always been a favorite song of mine

It used to haunt me so some years ago
Reminds me of a boy I used to know
And although the melody lives on
The memories and the boy are all but gone

And while the song still brings that certain glow
And the words still sing of love I know
It isn`t quite the way it was before
I remember the boy
But I don`t remember the feeling anymore

The promises we made seemed easier then
As if we knew our love would never end
But seasons change and time erases the tears
As quickly as the rivers disappear

So while the song still brings that certain glow
And the words still sing of love I know
It isn`t quite the way it was before
I remember the boy
But I don`t remember the feeling
I remember the boy
But I don`t remember the feeling anymore


mysterious girl said...

....if that third party never came along life is quite fine, but she came and everything has changed and it will never, never be the same's all because of HER....

--you always blame the third party..sometimes you have to reflect as well if in your part you didn't lack on him... his the only person who can answer all your questions..because both of you (third party) are been played by his mention that she didn't know it before , so the person who know is responsible for that. Both of you are victim, she was also been played..don't cross on her..
Things happen for a reason..for sure he has a reason why he did all of this mess!!!

Laine said...

@ mysterious girl
bravo! clap..clap..clap..!

I was confused because never did i mentioned that she never didn't know it before? hmmm...i guess your HER....:) and why react on my post? hmmm? :))

Anonymous said...

i think don't be too harsh to 3rd Party, once in for all...if your in man's shoe "you will never get attracted to other woman if you really love your wife" no im not HER :)

Laine said...

From being a mysterious girl to anonymous

How did you know that the husband doesn’t love his wife? Mysterious right? Hmmm…. Well, in my own opinion A MAN WILL NOT BEFALL IF THE OTHER WOMAN DIDN’T MAKE THE FIRST FLIRTY FLIRTY MOVE??? Watcha think? And why is it that you’re so much affected and concern if you’re not the ONE? :))

Anonymous said...

(if your the man)
"Kasi hindi ka naman magmamahal ng iba kung mahal mo talaga yung una."

Anyway,i'm a bit worrid to you.You focus the mistake into the 3rd party...why don't you check yourself first???what's wrong with you?

I'm not the ONE!wokokok...

Laine said...

@ anonymous

oopppssss...wait do you know whom i'm referring this post to? you sounded as you knew well on whom i'm referring this post. :)) and you sounded as if you're in rage. hahaha...funny....:)

honestly, you really make me laugh with your reactions. thanks for all your violent reactions or defensive comments. and most of all thanks for your concern. and RELAX! :)

post a comment said...

bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan wag magalit :) walang pikonan. we should all smile and be happy with the things that we do, especially if they are WRONG. no matter how you look at it, left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, three hundred sixty degrees, getting involved with a married man is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG and will always be WRONG.

payatot said...

siguro para sa akin lang, base sa comment na nababasa ko dito sa post mo e may mga reaksyon na iniisip ko kung bakit? ibig sabihin tinatamaan ba o nagbibigay lang sya ng opinyon nya dito sa post mo na to? nagtatanong lang po!

dun sa third party na sinasabi mo, normal lang naman na mag react yung legal wife kasi sya yung totoong asawa and kahit anong gawin natin di na mababago yun. ang masama lang kasi, nasasakripisyo ng guy yung responsibility nya sa legal family nya in terms of attention. ang mga lalaki kasi di naman sila magpupursige if wala silang nakikitang positive sign sa kanilang gustong makuha sa girl, meaning kung girl ka at medyo nakikita ng guy na gusto mo rin kahit alam mong may pamilya na sya, dun papasok ang pagpupursige ng mga lalaki para ituloy ang anumang gusto nya na maging sa inyong dalawa. peade ha!

mysterious girl said...

In one of your post it was mentioned that the girl didn't know the situation. "A MAN WILL NOT BEFALL IF THE OTHER WOMAN DIDN'T MAKE THE FLIRTY FLIRTY MOVE??what if the man made the flirty2 moves? Anyhow, I just like the song, the lines were full of love before then suddenly everything was changed/gone?

I am not against for all of your rights, but I'm just making some point that you shouldn't put all the blame with the third party. Let me reiterate she was also been deceived.

and if im HER?
anonymous and I, are not the same

if your man is loyal even if he flirts to all women, he still know where his heart belongs, although, if he is not..yon ang malaki problema don..lolz .....

Laine said...

Mysterious girl, anonymous or whatsoever disguise you are using right now..don’t make me stupid. Wala kang lusot, Oxford, Oxfordshire arrived on "Laine's Abode". 1 hour 8 mins, ago, Oxford, Oxfordshire arrived on "Laine's Abode". 1 hr 49 mins ago, Oxford, Oxfordshire arrived on "Laine's Abode". 6 hours 56 mins ago, Oxford, Oxfordshire arrived on "Laine's Abode". 10 hours 23 mins ago. . .so on and so forth..avid visitor ka pala ng blog ko ha. THANKS MUCH! *muahh* *tsup!* with matching laway pa yan…wet kisses kong baga. :) LOLZ!

Teka nga muna, sino ba nang away sa yo that YOU SOUNDED soooooo DISTURBED WITH MY POST? Have you experienced it already? Di mo kasi tinatantanan post ko ah. Salamat na din at ang SAYA SAYA tuloy ng post ko na to. Sige pa ha mag comment ka ng mag comment ha? :)

“SHE WAS ALSO DECIEVED” ows? How did you know? Tsismosa ka yata ah. Haba ng RADAR mo. Hahaha….lolz!


Post A Comment said...

Lessons Learned: Never play with fire, otherwise you may get burned. It is ok to be stupid sometimes, but not to the point of fighting for and defending your stupidity. That is the worst form of stupidity, nothing can beat that. And then, never covet something that is not yours in the first place. Oh, and one more thing, for ambiguous words here, look it up in the dictionary, it helps.

Post A Comment said...

If we have faith in the Almighty, and we pray, we should always reflect on what our actions are. Do we pray for the RIGHT things? Maybe. Of course. But do we DO the RIGHT things? Maybe not. So what does this mean? Both mind and heart work together towards upholding our faith. When the heart goes weak, the mind comes to the rescue. Again, what does this mean? USE YOUR BRAIN. When we don't use our heads, our hearts become foolish. But now, your heart has become foolish because you fell for a committed man. Then it's time for you to go looking for your brain. It has gone missing!!! Go look for it, fast! It's not nice to walk around with an EMPTY head. USE YOUR BRAIN so you won't lose it!!! And stop getting involved with a MARRIED MAN :) :) :)

Anonymous said...
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Laine said...

wow! ang SAYA SAYA dami nang nag comment. thanks sa lahat ng nag comment.:) pansin ko nga, bat di na nag comment si mysterious girl panay visit pa naman nya....hmmm..observing mode yata.

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thanks for always visiting mg site. *muahhh*

Post A Comment said...

ayan, tumahimik ka na lang. kitang-kita naman pala sa traffic eh. mind your own business na lang. and take care dyan sa cyber-boyfriend mo na may asawa. baka may ibang inaalagaan na cyber-girlfriend number 2 bukod sa yo. remember, kung ginawa ka nyang pampalipas oras online, pwedeng gawin ulit, ang dami kayang babae na MAGAGANDA talaga online. good luck! ;)

mysterious girl said...

sure..thanks for the advice..lolz

Laine said...

your welcome..lolz

jodi said...

love your post sis, and sana kung sino man sya e matauhan na lang because baka gawin din sa kanya yan if may hubby na sya! lakas kasi ng karma di ba?

juliet said...

Hi laine,
I just read your blog today and huhhhh!!!! I have so much fun reading the comment/s. I think I am so outdated with what's going on with your lyf lately. heheheh! sounds SHOWBIZ ha....
anyway, just to share my views...I honestly smell something fishy with the reactions of MYSTERIOUS/ANONYMOUS whatever....sobra namang obvious! Well, I don't point finger kung sino dapat e blame but I do believe that this post was the KEY to confirm some curricular activities and it's God's way na mabuking ang dapat mabuking. Wala naman talagang illegal na victorious...yahhh! Nobody's perfect but you can never correct what is wrong with another mistake. asus!!!! ang haba na tuloy na say ko.... bravo laine! sikat ka! psssttt....pls update me naman what is really the truth. I'm in Phils. now so pwd tayong magcheka friend...kakaloka!

Laine said...

now i know what's the reason behind they keep on visiting this post of mine or my blog as well because they wanna know if nabawasan na ba ng traffic...happy pa sila...may pa bwahahaha and ahahahaha pa...go ahead check nyo lagi blog ko ha...and magsaya kayo....

Chai said...

ang saya talaga ng post na ito.. dapat kasi jan sa mysterious girl na yan ay ibitay nga patiwarik.. ahahaha