Wednesday, October 28, 2009

missing much . . .

It’s been a week now since I admitted my sony digicam to sony service center but until now I haven’t heard from them yet. Waaaaaaaaa….i missed my digicam so much. My digicam is like my love of my life…huhuhu…. 2 activities have passed and I haven’t documented it. And tomorrow will be my sister’s graduation, how can I take photos on that once in a lifetime event. Hayyyyyyy….if only someone will give me a new digicam I will be very grateful and I will love that person dearly. Lolz… well, just a hopeful thinking then. :) hope dear Santa can read this post of mine so that he will include my name in his list too. Hahaha . . . another hopeful thinking….it’s so depressing for a photo addict like me, not having digicam right now. *sigh*

Sony service center please fix my digicam soon for I miss it already… :(

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