Tuesday, October 20, 2009

She's Confine!

As I mentioned on my recent post that my digicam was not working and functioning well. After almost 3 years in service to me perhaps she wants to retire already.huhuhu… At first I thought that maybe it was just because of the battery that I used so I bought a new rechargeable bat but still to no avail. My shots were all blurred and the picture’s has pixels on it. So I went to Sony to let it check, the staff told me that I have to go to their service center so that their technician can determine what’s wrong with my unit. And just this afternoon I went to Sony Service Center and the technicians prognosis was that my lens needs replacement and its worth 8K (my gosh! I don’t have that money) I was a little bit worried with that amount it’s like buying a new digicam. Good enough that my unit was still under warranty so they will replace my lens for free. So now my digicam was left under Sony service center’s hand for confinement. Hope she’ll be fine soon for I’ll miss her. She’s already been part of my life for almost 3 years and she has a sentimental value on me. And most of all I can’t afford to lose her for I can’t afford to buy a new one, unless someone will give me a new one as a gift this Christmas. (how I wish!) LOLZ!


paulo said...

Good thing that your Digicam is still under warranty. I am already thinking of suggesting an SLR for your next camera, hehe.

Kero said...

hihi. same her. well i hope you hubby is reading this so he knows what you want inside the Christmas stockings :)

i'm a fan of Sony products too