Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Shoutout that Speaks Itself. . .

Another shout out that speaks itself :)

I was shock when somebody or a mysterious girl turned anonymous made a violent reaction or a very defensive comment on my post entitled "Reminiscing" Is that person OK? based on my recent visitor that person is from United Kingdom. I'm wondering why that person reacted that way. . . WHY? Did that person know whom I referring that song to? . . . hmmm. . . if you'll going to read all the comments, the person was so angry with what i wrote. Even told me to check on my self first? Ooppsss...wait! have that person check himself or herself before suggesting or instructing me to check myself first? And to that mysterious girl turn anonymous thanks for your concern and don't worry me for am very much fine. and please do stay calm for as if you're in rage. :)

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