Sunday, November 8, 2009

Successful Parenting 101

1. Give your full attention to your children. Quality time is not about number of hours; it's about not thinking of anything else when you're with your kids.

2. Use more action, less words. Kids learn best through experience. Instead of nagging them about the do's and don'ts, allow them to experience what happens when they don't listen.

3. Empower your children. Value their opinion, allow them to help out around the house, even if it will slow the process. Children need to fell important.

4. Let your children learn by trial and error. Don't always "be there for him." Often, the hard way is the best way for a child to learn his lesson.

5. Don't argue with your kids. If your child throws tantrum, calmly leave the room and let him calm down on his own. Getting into a shouting match will only fuel tantrum.

6. Condemn the deed, not the doer. Never tell a child that HE is bad. Make it clear that WHAT HE DID was intolerable, but that he will always be loved no matter what.

7. Mean what you say. Keep your promises; enforce your rules - no questions asked. Your child will respect you more in the end.

8. Keep the end in mind. Never go for a quick and easy solution to any situation. Think of how the situation will affect your child when he grows up.

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