Monday, November 2, 2009

Celebrating All Saints Day at the Cemetery

This afternoon at about 5:30 pm, a little bit late though, we went to the cemetery where my father lies. It was already dark when we arrived their, we just lit candles and offer a prayer. Stayed their for half an hour and go home. Here's some of our pics at the cemetery.

my son and my sister

mother and son

its my sister who bought this cutie headband

d simple yet beautiful devil...:)

my li'l devie is playing with the candles...

oh...what's the problem my cutie li'l devie? :)

extinguishing the candles before going home


Dave DeWall said...

Great photos! My Filipina wife here in Guimaras, near Iloilo, went with her family this past Saturday to pay their respects. We just retired this past July from living in America, and this is the first year in many she has been able to go with her family to the cemetery. Thanks for the post,enjoyed checking out your blog.

reyapot said...

whehehe... ang kulet ng little boy hahaha..

Sassy Mom said...

Ang kulit ni lil boy... Kami din we paid our respects to my FIL last Monday.

Nice to know you had a great weekend. Mommy sali ka sa meme ko Pixelbug Weekend. Every Monday, where we share how our weekend went through photos.
Hope to see you there.

dhemz said...

hahahha....ka cute sa mga devils....joke!

sos woi, wala man tawon ni dire...ang biko pa dayon...kaka miss!

thanks sa support mami...hope you can vote for Akesha.....ang pag vote diay kay comment.....

salamat ulit!