Wednesday, November 18, 2009

somethings wrong . . .

Yesterday I was not able to open or log in into my yahoo messenger account. Each time I tried to log on my account this message will pop up on my screen "Your Account Has Been Locked" huh!? Locked? Why? What have I done wrong? I can't recall nor remember anything that would make Yahoo to lock my account. hmmmm . . . Well, I guess somebody or someone's trying to hack my Yahoo Messenger then. tsk. . .tsk. . .tsk. . . Maybe that certain someone is trying to login into my account and just guessing on my password and after how many tries and attempts Yahoo then locked my account. hmmmm...I wonder who's the culprit behind this....may the . . . . oppsss bad! hehehe. . . never mind. I guess that someone is jealous with me. Good enough, later that night I was able to fix it. I changed my yahoo password through my yahoo email account and Olah! I'm back to my regular programming again! :)

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