Thursday, November 5, 2009

52 Weeks Challenge: 3/52

Forever In Blue Jeans

Ooppsss...I'm a bit late in posting my entry for today's 52 Weeks Challenge. Got so busy at the office today, have to attend a whole day workshop. Anyways better late than never. :)

Here's my 3rd entry:

This pictures were taken last November 2 at the cemetery while paying respect at my father's tomb. Unfortunately my son haven't seen his grandpa for I was not married then when my father died.

my son is a little bit restless for he
can't wait to play with the candles...:)

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Happy Thursday!!!


chili pepper said...

How wonderful that you are sharing your father with your son, even if it is only through memories.

Carin said...

Even though he didn't meet him, I'm sure he is learning about grandpa from you. The last picture of you two is so darling. You two are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Good pictures! Your son's memories of his grandfather will be in the way he sees Grandpa through your eyes. I'm always hopeful that my kids can see the good my parents tried to instill in me.

chubskulit said...

Wow ang gwapo ng anak mo sis!

EJ said Hold my hand MOM"

His Unfailing Love said...

Wow, cute ng anak mo Mom Laine, kahit na sa memory you still share it with your son
Blessings to you and have a happy weekend.