Monday, November 16, 2009

Towel Wrap: A Unique Christmas Gift

Have you finished shopping for a Christmas gifts already? And you run out of gift ideas? Well, don’t be sad and worry for almost all of us experience that kind of dilemma right now. Me either last week while having an early shopping for my god children’s Christmas gifts got a little bit panic for I ran out of idea on what gifts to buy. Whew! Good enough that I stumble upon a cute bath wrap that looks so perfect for a Christmas gift. Who would not love to receive this thick and absorbent piece of clothing especially when you can have it personalized? I’ll better keep it for my own use though.

Another perfect gift idea that I discover is this terry towel wrap. It is made of 100% cotton, terry cotton fabric that comes in variety of colors were you can choose from. It is perfect for after shower activities because of its quick absorbent fabric.

Another option if you like something different or unique is this personalized ink stamps that has various designs to choose from. What’s great with this ink stamps is you’ve got the option to either put your logo or the name of that certain person you’re giving the gift to. These are surely perfect and unique gift ideas this Christmas.

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reyapot said...

nice naman ng design.. good idea to sis ha :-)

meri christmas!