Sunday, November 8, 2009

Globe Broadband Tattoo Kit Anyone?

I myself wanted to have a Globe Tattoo Broadband kit but I’m a bit hesitant to buy one for I don’t know how to use it. I’ve also heard some feedback about the kit, some were good and some were bad especially with their connectivity. Well, you can’t please everybody, though. Until I’ve read about Ms. Janette Toral’s post about her Globe Tattoo Broadband kits. Take note kits, because she owns two of it. Wow! That’s proves that globe broadband is surely a hit when it comes to internet connectivity.

Here’s some helpful information on how to use your globe broadband tattoo kit effectively which I’ve learned from Ms. Janette Toral’s post. I’m sure this will certainly help me and clear my doubts on its usage.

In getting a best broadband internet connection it’s best to configure your settings and make it to WCDMA beacuse connection quality vary by location. And if you do a quick e-mail checking, it may be more useful to switch to kb-based charging because usually the kit is set to time-based charging. And to check your default browsing, text STATUS to 1111. To switch to Per-KB browsing, text KB to 1111. That’s how simple and convenient to use the plug-in kit.

And that’s not all for if you want to be hip just visit the Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery and check out the new Globe Tattoo Broadband New Skins that would best fit your personality. There you have wide array of design to choose from. In fact me I’ve choose this Electric Brights Design for it has a good mix of peppy colors and fresh graphics which give this tattoo skin a cool and street vibe.

Can't wait to have my Globe Broadband Tattoo Kit! :)


jodi said...

panay review mo sis, kamusta na lang..dami ata review ngayon. god bless you..

Michelle said...

Wow, looks fun. I wouldn't mind trying one. Thanks for stopping by.

jodi said...

i love the color of your blog, girl na girl sya sis..congrats for having a friend like her...