Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Wedding Video to Cherish . . .

A wedding is one of the most significant day of your life and one of the most important starting chapters of your life. So it must not be taken for granted especially its preparations and everything.

Next year will be my dear friend’s wedding and as early as now she’s so busy with the preparations already. She wanted her dream wedding to put into reality and that is a simple yet sophisticated one. Actually my friend is based in Thailand and soon to be tying her knot with a Thai-Chinese businessman but she wants her wedding to be held here in the Philippines so that we her friends can witness the most important day of her life.

Since she wants her wedding to be held here in her native land, she then requested us her friends to help her in the preparations. And me as her closed friend was tasked to find a best wedding videographer for she wants her video for wedding a perfect one. At first I had a hard time looking for a best videographer until I stumble upon Mr. Buddy Gancenia one of the best wedding videographer in the Philippines and all over the world. He is considered the best wedding videographer because he likes to do his presentations in a reality wedding video style. He is even so well known even in the internet, you just type wedding video in the Philippines and your search will lead you to his site or name. I am pretty much sure that my dear friend would likes Mr. Buddy Gancenia's video services, for his reality video style is worth to cherish for.

Here's a glimpse of his site :

Here's one of Mr. Buddy Gancenia's wedding reality presentation video

Indeed his works were great!

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