Monday, November 16, 2009

Helping Your Child Deal With His Fears

1. Respect fears. Don't ignore your child's fears, and NEVER ridicule them with phrases like, "Don't be such a baby!" Doing so will force him to suppress his fears and deprive him of the chance to overcome them.

2. Talk about his fears. Not only will it help reveal the source of your child's fear, it will allow you to explain - in child friendly terms - why there is no need to be afraid.

3. Keep some fears, but control them. Some fears, such as the fear of strange dogs or dark alleys, can be good for your child. However, its best to help him bring these fears down to a healthy level.

4. Be there for him, but don't be overprotective. Assure your child that he's not alone, but allow him to find his own ways of overcoming his fears.

5. Always stay calm. When your child wakes up screaming in the night don't barge in as if there's an emergency, this will only reinforce his fears. Calmly tell him that there's nothing to fear, and stay with him until he falls back to asleep.

6. Use coping mechanisms. Remind him of previous fears that he has already overcome, or use tangible items, such as a flashlight or a religious item on his bedside.

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