Thursday, April 2, 2009


I was out of coverage again or cannot be reach in the blogosphere for almost 2 days. :(( My boss issued an in-house memo that we're going to turn off or unplugged our hub on April 1 -7 just in case the new virus "conficker" may attack our system and may delete all our computer files. waaaaaaa....... Upon reading that memo I feel sad and dismay because.....what about my blogging career? Imagine 1 week, oh. . . make it 3 days exclude saturday and sunday and monday too for it was declared holiday. where's the justice in here? hahaha. . . As if my boss knew that I blog (ssshhhh). . . Oh no. . . I can't update my post, i can't blog hop nor leave messages and comments and drop ECs. But I don't have a choice, right? I must obey my boss, maybe someday if I will be the boss then i will do that also to my subordinates...hehehe I'm just kidding. Thanks Heavens our Head of Computer Unit turn it on just this afternoon because one of our division was not able to access the net for they were connected in our hub. I'm back in the blogosphere.....:)) yipee!!! :)) I guess I'm kinda blog addict already...:))


pehpot said...

you can still update your blog, why not try scheduling your post.. here's how:

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Blogging Tips

payatot said...

ano pa nga ba e di ba nga adik ka na rin sa kakablog..ang hirap ata pag wala ng net ano? parang kulang ang buhay mo pag wala ito...