Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My little Super Hero

This morning when my son woke up he immediately get up from bed and change into his spiderman costume. I find it unusual because every morning before getting up from bed we usually have a bonding moments first, like we embrace and hug each other, we talk and we sing nursery rhymes together. But this morning he just got up right away. He even jumps over me just to get out from the bed. After changing to his spiderman costume, he then ride to his rocking giraffe toy. He then calls me and asks me to take pictures of him. :))

Here's his picture in a spiderman outfit.

spiderman with his rocking giraffe

I'm shy???

my little spiderman looks so sad, I wonder why?

Hiyaaaa...!!! opps :))

I am spiderman!!!

costume change. . .
from spiderman to batman :))

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sexy jessie said...

Your son's spidey dress-up remind me so much as my brother.