Thursday, April 16, 2009

Halloween Costumes

Every year my officemate who’s a remix disc jockey invites me to attend a Halloween Party were he performs. And without any further reasons I do accept his invitation. I find Halloween parties so much fun. You’ve got to met new friends and most of the time I get amaze with the Halloween Costume they wear. Some Halloween costumes looks so funny and others looks so scary. But most of the time I regret what I’m wearing because I only wear a black blouse and a black pants. I only play with my make up and my head accessories. I wear a bunny head band. Yay! Sounds like I’m out of place huh? So as early as now I’m planning on what costume to wear. I would love to have a Halloween costume that is so comfortable to wear on and if I’ll wear it I’ll look beautiful and sexier. Oooppsss… Doesn’t it too early to talk about Halloween? I guess not. It’s never been too early to plan a Halloween costume even if Halloween is still seven months away. It’s even advantageous to plan for a Halloween costume a head of time so when Halloween arrives you’re all set for the party already.

Here’s what I plan to wear this coming Halloween but before that my theme for this year's Halloween is a sexy biker outfit.

I’m sure I’ll gonna look so sexy with this costumes and I can still wear my bunny head band on it.

Anyways if you wanna plan ahead a Halloween costume like me. They have this store that caters a wide array of Halloween costumes to choose from. And they cater all sizes too from extra small to plus sizes. And I found out that they have this secret Haunted House backdoor that will give you big discounts. Do check it out.

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