Friday, April 24, 2009

In Support to ROSA

One day I received a message from Rosa in my CBOX asking for help and leaving her link on it. I visited her blog right away and read her post about this contest that she joined and she needs my support on it. I don't know Rosa at all but even I don't know her I'm very willing to help and support her to win that contest.

Rosa is one of the participant of and she really, really needs our support in order for her to win the said contest. All she ask for us is so simple, she just want us to make a post showing our support to her. Very simple right, so why not lend your help to her, post an article showing your support to Rosa.

and to Rosa Good Luck & God Bless!!! :))


payatot said...

nadaanan ka rin pala ni rosa ano? di ko pa nga nagagawa yung request nya na gayan

Rosa said...

hi sis, thanks you very much for support.:) mwaa!

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

yup nadaanan din ako ni rosa daddy totsky. sana if she'll win in that contest bigyan nya tayo balato ano. lolz!

eden said...

good luck to Rosa..

Rosa said...

haha! lokaret, di man ako nanalo sis!:)) i try, pero di talaga. hayy

anyway sis, got an award for you..

see yah!