Thursday, April 16, 2009

PR Back to ZERO

Mr. G. retract my Pagerank for what reason that I dunno. Maybe he doesn't like me or he just can't accept my beauty.LOLZ Now I know what it feels if your PR turns to ZERO or N/A again. You feel a little bit sad and dismay to Mr. G. He just made me shout for joy for only 10 days then after that. . . waaaa. . . Perhaps he did not gave me a PR so that i will not feel like this. hayyy. . . anyways, so what with that PR thing my blogging career must go on. And to Mr. G don't you rate me anymore if just a couple of days you will only retract it, OK! :))


sweet_shelo said...

Laine baka mobalik lang na oi.. i check balik unya.. u know the feeling now jud very frustrating.. but dont worry sis, kahit no PR, u will always have my support.

Clarissa said...

that's very depressing...sorry to hear bout that.

chubskulit said...

Actually your PR is back hehehe.. I can see it because i am using google toolbar.. so don't be sad hehehe..

By the way, I have an array of awards for you!

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

may unta na mobalik shel noh. pero ok lang pag dili na..huhuhu..cry2x man di ay...

kinda sad and depressing pero ok nalang, no choice.
sa bagay PR lang yan whats important is di kayo nawala mg friends ko here sa blogosphere. :))

talaga? sana nga kasi sayang naman. siguro din di ko xa makita kasi siguro am not using google toolbar. anyways chubs thanks for the awards. :))

payatot said...

ewan ko rin dyan kay mr g..bakit nga kaya nag back to zero ka mommy laine? kelangan mo ng blog hop para mas may trapik ka