Friday, April 17, 2009

Short Summer Vacation

For this past week I've been mentioning on some of my post about our unplanned trip at Malabang, Lanao Sur last April 11, Black Saturday.

It was just a kinda short summer vacation at Malabang. My son really enjoys the trip so much because it was his first time to ride a bus. We ride a bus for 1 hour from Cagayan de oro to Iligan then from there we ride a van for almost 3 hrs to Malabang. But before reaching to that place we pass through Marawi City. There I saw the lake Lanao unfortunately I was not able to take a picture of it.

Upon arriving at Malabang my aunt and uncle were very surprised to see us. They were not expecting us for we did not inform them that were coming to their place. My son was not tired of the long trip for he played instantly with his cousin. After resting for an hour we take a bath at their Malabang Spring which I posted in my Water Wednesday Meme entry. Then on Easter Sunday we went to Matling still part of Malabang province to have a beach picnic. It was a private place only Christians can enter. There again my son enjoyed the beach so much. By Monday we headed back home to CDO.

Here are our pictures during our short summer vacation at Malabang:

at the Malabang Spring

cousins bounding time

preparing for the beach picnic

buko pandan plantation @ matling

beach time

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