Friday, April 17, 2009

Mommy Momments - Sentimental Moments

mommy moments

It’s Friday once again…Mommy Moments Time!!!

I had a hard time looking and deciding on what pictures to post on my Sentimental Mommy Moments. But what’s on my mind was during my son was hospitalized for the very first time due to tonsillitis. I consider it sentimental because my son was suffering in pain and he has a high fever and he would not eat. Each time he was given a medication he would vomit it. So his pedia decided to admit him. When we were in the ER for the dextrose my son was so afraid for he doesn’t have any idea what would the nurse will do unto him. He screams and cries so hard that I pity on him. And tears also fall from my eyes. If only I could take his pain then I would. I felt so helpless that time. Then when we were in our room already there’s this medtech to get a sample of his blood so his gonna prick my sons’ tiny little hand. In less than 30 minutes his dextrose was being dislodge so the nurse transferred it to his other hand, another crying and screaming moment once again. It was really like a worst nightmare to me seeing my son going through that pain. Then just this November 2008 he was again hospitalize for 1 week due to amoeba. As a parent you wouldn't want to see your child to suffer in pain.

Taken during his first hospitalization due to tonsillitis. But this was taken when he was about to check out already form the hospital.

Taken during his 2nd admission to the hospital due to amoeba

he even let me picture his tiny hand with a dextrose

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Happy Mommy Moments!!!


Beth said...

every time our kid/s is/are hospitalized, nku, di na tayo mapakali. ang hirap talaga...

i wanted to post my kids' hospital days, pero nireserve ko na lang for May. Me ganun yata tayong Moment :) *wink! hehehe, ako kasi nagsuggest nun e, pero di ko alam kung kelan ilalagay ni Chris. post mo uli to pag lumabas un ha? :)

ingat lagi and kisses to your son! :)

Jes said...

aw same tayu mare... hospital dn babay ko...ouch d ba? sentimental tlga! nweis here's mine - and i have an award for you -

Enchie said...

One of the things that makes us stronger as moms.

Twinkie said...

Di ko rin kaya pero dapat kayanin diba? Aw! Bless your hearts!

Laine's Cutie Abode said...

thanks everyone for leaving a comment. I truly appreciate it. try to visit your entries too.

Happy Mommy Moments :))

Chris said...

aaww... my little boy was hospitalized too when he was barely 6 days old... and he almost died too because of either allergy or wrong meds given... :( i think i posted it already before..

sigh... the things we have to go through... only God can give us strength... :)

Anzu's Mum said...

ohh nadutog puso ko when i saw his hand.. =( pero he seems to be a happy baby. =)

Willa said...

being hospitalized for a few times, He was such a brave boy!!love the first pic.