Monday, April 20, 2009

Super Follower Award

Got this nice and cute award from mommy Jes of Me, Myself and Jes. I was not really expecting this award. Thank you very much jess for including me in your list. I truly appreciate this award.

I will also take this opportunity to acknowledge all those who take time to read my posts and for leaving their comment. It really, really means so much to me. It helps me inspire to do better in blogging. Thanks Much!

Now I'm passing this on to Phebie, Shelo, Tammy, Tetcha, Beth, Payatot, Femikey, Sassy Mom, clarissa


sweet_shelo said...

wow, thanks for this award sis!!! Ganda naman nyan

payatot said...

hi mommy laine, basta ako e di magsasawang dumaan dito at mag iwan ng bakas kahit wala akong post ok lang yon..salamat nga pala at sama pala ako sa may award dito