Friday, April 17, 2009

Chat Rooms for Punk People

I once been a Punky Kid before in fact, as I recall years back I do love to watch a television series entitled “Punky” Brewster for I like her being punk personality and punk outfit. I find it cute and hip. Sometimes when I was a kid I do imitate her looks.

For me being punk pertains to a characteristic of adopting styles, it’s like an expression of feelings, shocking style of clothing, hairstyles, makeup, music and it’s like expressing oneself . Others may not understand it and find it weird. Fortunately there’s this chat room in the net called Punk Chat City were punk people can hang out and meet other tons of punk people like them all over the world. They can even view each other through web cams. Their they can share ideas, talks about new punks style, may it be in fashion, music, culture and art. Punk Chat City is 100% free registration, all you've got to do is visit their site and follow there simple and fast registration process. After registering you can then instantly go to their chat rooms and chat. So easy! So what are you waiting for log on to Punk Chat City and get to know all Punk people like you, I’m sure you’ll gonna enjoy chatting with them. :))

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Jes said...

galing no? dami ng chat rooms..hehe iba iba nag category. eheheh =) never been in any chat room, kahit nung single pa ko eheh =) nweis thanks sa touch k b sa lines ko..hay naku yana ng pinaka memorable experience ko n ayaw ko ng maulit ehehhe =)