Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stress Free Breathing Exercise

Feeling so stress out from work? Try this simple breathing exercises. They say that this is the ultimate stress reliever exercise.

Proper breathing clears your mind, improves your immune system, regulates the blood pressure and improves posture.

Breathing techniques is a perfect therapy for relaxation especially if you have been sitting the whole day and you feel very stagnant. Since this is so easy it can be only be done in between chores or during that 10 minute break in the office.

Try these easy steps:

1. When doing any breathing exercise, it is always better to keep your eyes closed to avoid any distractions. Try moving to a quiet place and play some soothing music to further maximize the benefit of breathing.

2. Make sure to keep a proper posture. While sitting or standing comfortably inhale deeply through your nose and visualize pure, clean air entering your body. Hold your breath for a few seconds.

3. Nest, imagine a straw in your mouth. Exhale a short burst forcefully through the "straws" small opening. Every time you puff out, imagine all the pollutants, germs and other negative elements.

4. Do this repeatedly until you have completely cleansed your lungs with these short strong puffs. Repeat for about six to ten times. With each breath you'll feel more soothes and relax. :))

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