Saturday, September 5, 2009

Watch Lover

My cousin loves to collect watches may it be branded or unbranded. She even made a special cabinet for her watch collections. And whenever she’s on travel local or abroad she sees to it that she buys watches from those places. And each time she visited a mall her first destination will be at the watches section or department just to look for a new style of watches. She can’t leave without wearing her watch too. She told me that her day would not be complete if she can’t wear her watch for the day. Yup you read it right, because she has too many watches she made a list of schedule on what watch to wear on that certain day and she name it watch for the day. Whew! What a watch fanatic.

One day she went to our house and asks me to teach her how to buy watches online. She was fed up with all the designs of watches available on the mall. She wanted to have watches that have a unique style and design. Good enough that I stumble upon Moores Jewellers Ltd. It is an online shop of jewelries and watches of any kind. My cousin prods me directly to visit their site and instantly she was amaze with what she sees. She sees different kind of watches from Citizen Watches to Rotary Watches. And all of them pass her taste. In fact she wanted to buy it all but she doesn’t have enough funds for it yet. She then chooses the best among the best according to her taste. She chooses Citizen Calibre ladies watch, it is a two tone stainless steel bracelet. It was quite expensive but worth the price. Good enough that there giving away discounts on it.

Another watch that my cousin plans to purchase is the rotary watches for she was also attracted with its design. They are design for classic and sophisticated look. Whew! My cousin is really a certified watch addict collector. And if you’re like my cousin who loves watches, why don’t you visit too for they just don’t cater watches but good quality jewelries too.

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