Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Exploring New York

Everyone dreams of visiting the beautiful city of New York or which is fondly called ‘The Big Apple” and I myself is one of it. Well, how I wish someday I could visit that place and explore its amazing views and its famous landmark the statue of liberty which is their main tourist attraction. Wow! Amazing!

Anyways, my cousin was so lucky enough for she just got her multiple entry visa for U.S. And now she’s so excited to travel abroad. Her first destination will be New York City, the Big Apple itself. In fact as early as now she booked herself in one of the renowned leader in New York sightseeing which is the CitySights NY. She doesn’t sound too excited and too prepared for her trip right?

Anyway, she chooses CitySights NY because they have this package or deals that would tour you around New York with its hop on, hop off double decker buses which is designed with top-deck-only seating just to provide you with the best views of New York. You would really enjoy your New York Tours with them. Oh, how I wish I could come with my cousin but then that would be way to far yet. And to my dearest cousin enjoy your New Your trip and don’t forget to bring something for me when you’ve got home. :))

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