Monday, September 21, 2009


For these past few days I was a stay at home mom and it was a freaking experience. I was absent from work since Wednesday because my sister got sick and had to be confined in the hospital. So no one else left to take care of my super duper hyper kiddo but me. And during my 5 days of being a SAHM my son really test my temper and patience to the fullest level because he always have tantrums everyday just to get my attention. He won’t take a nap during nap times, he would always watch ice age part 1 and 2 over and over again. He won’t listen to me each time I’ll speak with him, he’ll spank and kick me and throw his toys on me. I really dunno know . . . his getting unruly and I don’t understand his behavior anymore. And it’s freaking me out. One time I lost my patience and spank him with a belt. I know it’s bad but then I explain it to him afterwards thinking that he’ll learn from what I have done unto him but then he did not for he keeps on repeating it once again, throwing tantrums and everything. Whew! This is actually a great challenge on me on how to discipline my son. It’s so hard to be a mother and a father at the same time. *sigh*


Mys said...

that's the story of my life, everyday with 2 kids. hay, hirap talaga magdiscipline ng bata.

Charles Abing said...

try this tricks that I learned from a pre-school principal:
1. Give the kid a hug.
2. Take the kid to the park, garden or any place with lots of nature, where he could play like with natural things. Sometimes, it's the stress from the electronic gadgets at home that contributing to his behavior.

Let me know if they work.
by the way, I have a blog at hubpages, too. here's the link.

it's me,
Kuya Charles :)

hopeful said...

I agree with you sis 100% that it's really difficult to be a mother at the same time a father.I raise my kids by myself the 2 year old bb boy and 1 year old bb girl with the help of housekeepers.

Tantrums? ay naku subra, mababaliw ako! Gusto ko na ngang mg work kaso lang naaawa ako sa mga kids ko baka saktan lang sila ng tagabantay.

Btw, thanks for the visit sis. May you have a blessed week ahead.