Wednesday, September 9, 2009

on Pain Relief

They say that pain is our body’s natural defense against illness and injury. Our nerve cells carry messages to our brain telling us that we have injury or we our suffering from illness. Pain gave us a warning that there’s something wrong with our body that needs to be attended to. We then find certain pain relief for that pain to subside. And finding a right relief treatment from the pain we’ve been feeling and suffering varies on what causes that ache or illness.

Usually the most common pain that almost all of us experience is the lower back pain. And I am one of those who experience that kind of pain. I got it from a bad body posture especially while seating. So my physician gave me a back pain relief right away for the pain is bothering me already. Another pain that affect most common people is Arthritis. I myself have experience arthritis pain. It even hampers the way I walk. So again I consult it to my physician and she then gave me a medicine for arthritis pain relief and another medicine to lower my uric acid. Taking pain relievers on your own is not advisable you must consult first a doctor for too much intake of it can even harm you. You may be overdose or addicted with it or worst for it can even leads to death.

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