Monday, January 19, 2009

One Little Candle

I am so busy today at the office (to the maximum level) sounds exaggerated but its true. My boss is out of town for an official trip but she left me with too many things, paper works to do. One of that is to Consolidate all our Financial Status. I don't have any complains with it, but the problem is there's so many distractions. I can't help but told them (those distractors) that "I'm Not a Robot" can't do all your demands or request. (sorry guys) I just don't want to be disturb for I'm working with numbers. It needs a lot of concentrations ( sounds exaggerated again, LOL). And unfortunately the electricity when out, oh my God! But, thank God I'm using a laptop. So I can still continue encoding my Financial Status. But the problem is, I can't hardly see my work and I have a deadline to bit. So I don't have a choice, got a candle and put it beside me. Sounds a laughing stock huh?! but its true. :) :) :) Gotta have an award for this...:) Hahaha...

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