Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I came across an article about “You don't have to be a good writer for your blog to be on top of the ranks!” by mr. composed gentlemen. He had great and helpful points or tips on writing your blog. He said and I quote:

I always think that I can never perfect a post. For me editing a single entry is an endless endeavor. Further, I acknowledged my being a no perfect writer and in whatever I write and however I write it, I will never be pleased. Thenceforth, I consider grammatical errors as blessings in disguise.”

In fact, all I care about are the copious info that I am getting from these pro bloggers. I read so fast, ergo, when a blogger misses an "s" or forgets to place the needed comma, I most likely won't notice it.”

Thanks to mr. composed gentlemen because of his article I am now more encourage and inspired to write on my blog regardless if I do commit grammatical errors or my English grammar are not that good enough. Unlike before I was so conscious on what I'll write. Know I don’t care if people would comment or tell me that I’m not a good writer... so what its my blog by the way ( ang taray noh…:)) as long as I write what’s inside my heart, my thoughts and my not so good ideas and as long as I can't hurt or offend others then, GO GIRL!!

Anyways, here are his basic tips or points in writing on your blog:

  1. Show all bloggers that you are an expert of your field.
    2. Give the bloggers what they want: information.
    3. Blog in whatever language you like: English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Filipino, Filish, Taglish, Cebuano, Cebish, and all other combinations you can think of.
    4. Think, that whenever you have bad sentences, they make your blog unique (smile). If people notice them, that means they are reading your entries, which is already a good consolation for you.
    5. Be yourself. If there is really no way that you can fine-tune those itsy-bitsy distracting grammatical boo-boo, be it.
    6. Finally, hope and pray that readers will just get used to your way of writing. There is really no exact recipe for a good personal blog. It's your blog. For as long as you enjoy every post you make, damn all haters!
And for more blog tips visit mr. composed gentlemen blogsite.

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