Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birdie Says Mug Contest

Hi Guys! As I was blog hopping again as what I usually do...hehehe... I stumble through Gisele's cutie blog. At first I was amaze and interested on her Free Blog Templates and I wanted to get one but my attention was then diverted on her Birdie Says Mug Contest. So I decided to join on her contest hoping that she well like my not so cutie ideas....hehehe.... I'll cross my fingers on this....:)

Here are my ideas:
  1. Birdie says Coffee, Tea or Me...
  2. Birdie says Big Hugs & Kisses ( Birdie Hugs Mr. Owl)
  3. Birdie says Spread the Love.... (hearts around birdie on the background)
For more details on Gisele Jaquenod's Birdie Says Mug Contest click HERE.

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