Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drowning in Debt (Sentiments of a Breadwinner)

Yes, you read it right for the last 2 years now am drowning in debt. Sounds very alarming buts its true. Perhaps this is because of my situation that I'm the breadwinner of our family.

It all started when my father died 5 years ago. My mother is just a plain housewife. My sister is still in college. And now I have a 3 year old son. So I was left with a big responsibility. I have to provide all our daily needs. All the expenses from food to light & water, to my sister's daily allowances to her uniform and etc. My income we're not sufficient enough to cover all our daily needs. I'm just a public servant and I don't earn that much. It's really hard but you've got to be tough and really ma-diskarte in life. Especially with the global crisis that we're experiencing nowadays, prices are gone to high already. You've really learn to tighten your belt very tight just to met up all your daily needs. But still sometimes shortage in budget comes and that's the time that I end up availing all kinds of loans. In fact, there's this joke at the office that the only loan that we haven't applied for yet is the forloan (forlon as what they call it, is a vehicle use to transport a dead person's casket). LOL!

Sometimes or should I say many times I do lose hope and got depress on my situation. Got self pity pa nga in many circumstances. But I guess or perhaps this is LIFE for me. You've got to be strong enough to face all the life's challenges. I just look it nalang in a positive way. And hold to this saying that God won't give this struggles, obstacles and hardship in life if He knows you can't face it or handle it.

So at the end of the day, all I pray to God is thank you for everything that's happening in my life and please help me carry my cross for sometimes I feel too heavy already to carry it on my own.

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