Friday, January 9, 2009

Losing Hope

One day i feel so gloomy and down that I wrote this poem.....

I feel like....
Life is so Unfair with me
Never dream these kind of life I have right now.
It's all Topsy-Turvy
Tried to fixed it up, but still It turns out more complicated
I get so tired and hopeless
Sometimes I feel like I have no one to run to,
No one to talk toI feel all alone
People see me smiling as if nothings bothering me but deep inside
I'm scared, very, very much scared.
Tried to talk to friends but they just ignore me,or they don't think
I'm serious with what I'm saying
I kept on praying but i guess my prayers were not heard and answered
Sometimes i want to give up life.....
'Hope still have more courage and strenght in facing life's challenges
I really dunno what lies ahead of me.
Hope all will do well in time......

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