Saturday, January 17, 2009

Atsal or Tambis

Tambis (Water Apple)

Atsal close up shot


I was amazed or suprised when i saw this Atsal Plant( Bell pepper) because if you look it from afar it looks like Tambis fruit (Water Apple). I really did took pix on it. And I asked the vendor if it is really an atsal, and he told me "na atsal talaga yan ma'am". Oh, what modern science or agriculture can do nowadays. With a bit of pollination or whatever process they well call it. Ola! a combination of fruits or vegetables turns into something new...:)


Beauty said...

Wow grabe ka lami sa tambis hehehe lami pud ang atsal nga imported kay dili sya pareho sa native nga atsal nga halang.

Mommy Phebie said...

Nice kaau pagka capture ni mem. Actually, bag-o na sya nga gtawag ug "TAMSAL". hhehehhe