Friday, January 23, 2009

Bring Me all The Flowers Today

This afternoon I attended a Burial Mass. I was struck by the priest's sermon about death of a love one. He said that death is not a time for mourning but it is a time for a celebration. We will celebrate for his/her death because he/she is at peace already with our Lord. We should not cry because for the lost of a love one but cry for she/he is at peace already. The priest also mention about the flowers we put as a decorations around the casket or the bouquet of flowers or the well arranged flowers or the "corona" as what they call it, that we usually gave as a sign of our sympathy to the bereaved family. Showing that we're in depth sorrow with them. That all of that were not important anymore. Your dead love ones could not hold it or smell it anymore. The right time that we should give flowers to her/him was when she was still alive. Then the priest share this touching poem entitled "Bring Me All The Flowers Today" and the poem goes like these......

Bring Me All The Flowers Today.

I would rather have a little rose
from the garden of a friend
Than flowers strewn around my casket
When my days on earth must end.

I would rather have a living smile
From one I know is true
Than tears shed around my casket
When this world I bid adieu

Bring me all the flowers today
Whether pink, or white, or red,
I would rather have one blossom now
Than a truckload when I am dead!!

Indeed the poem is so touching that you can surely reflect on.....

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