Monday, December 14, 2009

in my own opinion. . .

Jinky Pacquiao once said in her interview when asked what can advice she gave on legal wives. . . and this is her advice . . .

"Ipaglaban mo kung ano ang meron ka. Kailangan walang aagaw. Kailangan nag-iisa ka lang sa buhay ng asawa mo."

Bato-bato sa langit... sa mga kerida naman?

"Ano... makunsensiya kayo."

Well said Ms. Jingky I agree with you on that. But in my own case and in my own opinion I will only fight if it's worth fighting for but I guess it's not worth fighting for so I won’t care a damn. I will whole heartedly set him free and be happy. :)


jodi said...

may intriga yata sa post mo sis, pero true naman yon. kung di mo na love then learn to let go..

Post-A-Comment said...

Prepare to be confused. Are you ready?

DOES A MOTHER DESERVE TO BE BETRAYED? Does your mother deserve it?

Then why do it to a mother? What! Is! Wrong! With! The! World!? You can’t blame it on global warming, can you? So you’re looking for a colder place to practice? You can’t say you are nursing wounds, that’s why you want somebody else to lick them for you. Because you are the one CAUSING the wounds.

As for the eager participants, perhaps you might not even realize that it is actually you. Lucky if you will even begin to grasp the meaning of the words here. Maybe not. So you will never understand and will therefore continue to play the pathetic foolish game of which you are convinced that you are the recipient of sincere affection. Don’t delude yourself, you little delusional you. You are as much a victim of this scam. Only a thief can steal your heart. Would you allow that?

Just because you are far away, that doesn’t mean you are invincible. The Right arm can be as long as it has to be just to catch who needs to be caught.

Better to keep your mouth open and have clean hands and conscience than keep your mouth shut as though you are a sweet, silent lamb but underneath your dirty hands are busy pilfering what is not yours, that which will deliver you to destruction. Nothing can ever be golden, not even silence. On the other hand, try the Golden Rule. Or do you even know what that is?

A mother deserves to be respected. Does your mother deserve it?

Anong pangalan ang bagay sa ‘yo? Ang masasabi ko ay… A pig. For a pig. From a pig. How fitting!