Sunday, December 6, 2009

gone for a while...

I've been out or away from the blogosphere for a while due to many unavoidable circumstances like my son was sick on and off for two weeks. Thanks God that his fine now. Then me too was sick for a week, had an asthma attack due to change of climate. It's cold December night already and it's so hot in the day. Another reason also why I'm gone for a while is that I am not anymore motivated to blog, I dunno why maybe because it's almost 3 months now that Mr. G haven't return my PR yet. Maybe he won't return it anymore. It's a bit depressing because no PR means less opportunities, well it's christmas and my son's birthday is fast approaching too, whats the connection? well, I don't want to be hypocrite, opportunities really do help me a lot financially. But then what now. . . *sigh* :( I just hope and pray that one day Mr. G will return my PR and wish to have many opps too. :)

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