Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What to Bring When Travelling with your Baby

1. Spare diapers. Make sure you choose nice diapers that would absorb more liquid, more quick;y thus requiring less changes and giving you better value for your money.

2. Baby Wipes. Choose the mildest you can find.

3. Changing Mat. Many portable types are available in most baby shops.

4. Plastic Bag for used Diapers. Use strong ones that don't rip easily. And bring several, to make sure you won't run out.

5. Feeding Equipment. This includes spare bottles, spare nipples, and pre-measured servings of milk powder.

6. Spare Distilled Water. There may not be any clean water available along the way, so bring your own.

7. Toys. Bring rattles, small stuffed toys, storybooks anything to keep your baby from getting bored during the trip.

8. Stroller or Baby Carriage. Car seats are for the car. You'll need something to put your baby in when you reach your destination.

9. First Aide Kit. Make sure it includes antiseptic cream, plasters, gauze, pain relief, mosquito repellent and anti-itch cream ( in case mosquitoes manage to bite ).

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